About Us

Coyamito Agates is owned and operated by Marin Carrillo & Andres Carrillo. For more than 60 years Coyamito agates have been among the most beautiful and most precious Mexican agates ever and our goal is to continue bringing this beautiful gemstones to the centerpiece of many agate collections.

The company is a family owned and operated company based in El Paso TX. The Ranch however is located about 120 Km south of El Paso, Texas. In the middle of the Chihuahua desert, where the average altitude is 1500 m. The ranch covers an area of about 23,000 acres and is owned by Marin Carrillo, Jr. and family. It is unknown what the name actually means, but it seems to be of Indian origin as some syllables (“Coya” = queen) are considered part of the Inca Language. The host rock of the Coyamito agates is 37 million years old hard andesite, a tenacious material from which the nodules must be removed by great effort. Often this reddish and gray andesite is still attached to the nodules, usual in agates from northern Mexico.


With great honor and pride we are focussed on sharing with all agate enthusiasts worldwide these colors, patterns and beauty in every one of the pieces we worked with. Thanks to this we’ve been to various events and shows throughout the United States, and featured in different books like “Exquisite Agates” by Dietrich Mayer, “Agates” by Pat Mcmahan, and “Agates 1, 2 and 3” by Johann Zenz.

The beauty exposed by the pieces that we have worked over the years, makes us feel that we must encourage the taste for these natural wonders, exhibiting those pieces that we consider the best.

The Coyamito Agates website was created to provide collectors with unique gemstones of high-quality workmanship. All of the materials we offer have been self-mined from some of our deposits in Coyamito Ranch, Mexico. If you are interested to purchase from us, just visit our store section within this site and have a look at what we have in stock for you.